Ingredients – Sourcing & Sales

CDF ‘Ingredients’ is responding to innovations and follows the trends of new product development in the Food & Beverage and Supplements industry.

Current themes

Sugar & Salt Reduction and Reformulation
Healthy and natural Oils & Fats
Plant Proteins & Fibers
Natural anti-oxidants and preservatives
Free From & Clean Label


Natural Sweeteners & Ingredients for Flavour – Taste & Health

  • Specialty intense sweeteners – stevia, monk fruit blackberry leaf, thaumatin, etc.
  • Bulk specialty sweeteners: allulose, erythritol, tagatose, trehalose
  • Natural flavour enhancers and modifiers: natural aromatic extracts of fruits, herbs, spices, plants
  • Ingredients for clean label seasonings and natural flavour compositions

Natural Sweetness Solutions & Flavour Modulators

Patented Sweeteners Blends
  • Including Stevia, Acesulfame-K, Sucralose, Neotame, Natural Flavours
  • Sweet soft drinks, powder drinks, near water, beer mixes, chewing gum
Sweeteners blends for
  • Beverages, Confectionery
  • Dairy and Ice cream
  • Dairy plant based alternatives
  • Sport Nutrition
  • other applications

Natural Plant extracts – Functional & Health

  • Functional extracts of spices, herbs, fruits,…
  • Natural anti-oxidants
  • Natural preservatives
  • Health botanical extracts

Algae derived nutraceutical ingredients

  • Natural antioxidants: Astaxanthin, Phycocyanin, Zeaxanthin, Carotenoids (Carotenes, Xanthophyll, Lutein)

Plant proteins & fibers

  • Chia, flax, pea, pumpkin, lupine, sunflower, etc.

B. OMEGA LIPIDS (omega 3,6,7,9)

Omega from Micro algae sources

  • Micro algae oils with several types of concentrations of DHA and EPA
  • Applications in infant formulas, baby foods and food supplements

Omega Lipid Mixtures & Supplements

  • Mixtures of TG & Phospholipids (Fish, Micro algae, egg, krill)
  • Oils with different concentrations DHA/EPA/ALA/ARA
  • Ovo Egg, Krill, Herring caviar
  • Fish oils with concentrations of 10% to 90 % DHA and EPA


  • Supplement DHA/EPA/ALA/ARA concepts (vegan-fish-algae-ovo)

Omega Lipid from Plant sources

  • Flax, chia, perilla, sacha inchi etc.


Tailor made blends

  • Zero calorie sweeteners blends (stevia, monkfruit)
  • Omega 3 oil blends (DHA, EPA) in several forms and from different sources

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