Advise Belgian, European & Global companies in developing and implementing their strategic businesses, business development, commercial partners, B2B and B2C customer portfolio

Business Strategy and Development, Marketing & Commercial Support

  • Develop a business strategy & development plan to facilitate the access in the European markets and global partner networks
  • Initiate a new sales hub, business structure, sales office or distribution network
  • Commercial management of key reference clients
  • Expert in global networks of ingredient producers for market opportunities and new product development in European markets
  • Expert of European client network (B2B, B2C) in markets of infant formulas, baby foods, foods & beverages, functional foods, food supplements, medical nutrition, agro & biotech

Market access

  • Market analysis and introductions of your ingredients in EMEA and global markets
  • Execution of a commercial access plan to reach the potential key clients

Project assignments

  • Monk Fruit juice concentrates & extracts
  • Stevia (natural, enzymatic modified, fermentation)
  • Studies on Monatin, Xylitol, Tagatose
  • Sweetness Solutions
    • Dulcis Blends & Qorus Dolce Compounds
  • Rare sugars
    • Allulose
  • Healthy sugars
    • HMO sugars
Taste & Flavours 
  • Natural taste enhancers (sweet & savoury)
  • Natural taste modifiers (sweet & savoury)
  • Natural taste solutions masking of bitterness and lingering (sweet)
  • Seasonings
Enzymes Engineering
  • Protein Enzyme Engineering
Bio – Engineering
  • Genomes Bio-engineering platforms
Protein Development
  • Cell-culture meat
  • Plant proteins
Omega Lipids, Fatty Acids and Phospholipids
  • Algae (micro & macro), fish, marine
  • Chia
  • Egg
Plant, herbal, botanical extracts
  • Phytotherapy natural extracts and supplements


  • Natural antioxidants
  • Clean label ingredients
  • Plant Proteins