Consulting services

Strategic Business Development

  • Global Business Development – Innovation
  • Implementation of a Business plan to access the EMEA markets
  • Creation, Participation & Co-management of a new EU business unit
  • Co-business management with Investors & Equity Funding partners
  • Support growth plans of start-ups, growth companies SME
  • Participation in Health & Nutrition Cluster networks
  • Validation of the project and product pipeline
  • Innovation on new product development
  • Executive Interim Management

Marketing & Commercial Network

  • Set up a commercial business unit
  • Introduce a distribution export network in Europe
  • Validation of product and pricing strategy with Tier 1 key reference clients
  • Marketing strategy, market research and product pipeline
  • Expertise in European Tier 1 client networks

Regulatory Assessment

  • Regulatory and scientific services for nutrition and health ingredients, food supplements, medical nutrition
  • Authorisation of novel foods, additives and specialty ingredients
  • Registration of products, health claims
  • Review of formula and labels
  • Solving liability issues (withdrawals, recalls)

Application Formulations

  • Validate new ingredients on synergies with other ingredients in recipes
  • Benchmark new ingredients with competitor ingredients (flavours, sweeteners, sugars, proteins, etc.)
  • Support on customer projects with application formulations in foods, beverages, food supplements
  • Set up regional lab facilities on demand