C.D.F. consists of a virtual expert network of European executives, specialized in the business development of innovative ingredients & bio-engineering technologies for applications in nutrition & health, human and animal applications. We are based in Brussels, Belgium.

Our various managerial positions and assignments during our professional career, offer to our clients a fundamental experience in natural sweeteners (high intensity & bulk), flavours, natural aromatic extracts, ingredients for nutrition – health – cosmetic and pharma.

Our current main assignments are projects for start-ups and scale-ups companies, and our managerial expertise is validated as a valuable asset to investment and private equity fund companies.

C.D.F. mainly focuses on companies within the market of FoodTech – AgTech – Biotech, addressing nutrition & health topics, with sustainable ingredient innovation including technologies of precise fermentation, enzyme modification, synthetic biology, cell factory engineering ….

Our targeted domains e.g. are sugar & salt reduction and replacement, taste – flavour modification, plant extracts, natural functional preservatives, antimicrobial extracts, etc.

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> 35 years of expertise in domains of business strategy & development, ingredient innovation, regional and global commercial implementation. Assignments in Cargill, McCormick, IFF (Bush Boake&Allen), Caldic.

Special knowledge in : natural sweeteners, flavour & natural extracts compositions, seasonings and ingredient blends.

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8-10 April, Ghent (BE)
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16-18 April, Paris
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14-16 May, Geneva
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22-23 May, Wageningen (NL)
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2-3 October, London
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19-21 November 2024, Frankfurt
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